Deck Landing Qualification (DLQ)



          B Company - "Sugar Bears North" unit patch.
242 ASHC / B Company - "Sugar Bears North" D model fielding poster.
B Company - "Sugar Bears North" High Altitude Rescue Team (HART) patch.




             On 4 May 2002, elements of B Company - "Sugar Bears North", 4th Battalion, 123rd Aviation Regiment, deployed to the fishing town of Valdez to conduct training and certification in deck landings aboard the United States Naval Ship (USNS) Dubuque. Above, one Chinook is on approach to landing as the ship steams through the bay just south of Valdez. Another Chinook continues to orbit in the distance awaiting it's turn.




             As CH-47D Chinook 89-00171, piloted by CW4 Ivan D. Thomas (right seat) and CW3 J.R. Griffith (left seat) and crewed by Flight Engineer (FE) SGT Shelena Junkersfeld (standing out back), runs in the background, members of the Sugar Bears posed for this photograph. From left to right, CW2 Derek Lehr, CPT Nicole Gardner, CPT Jarrad Smith, Major Kenneth Manning, SGT Jerry Brooks, SPC Jason Shumate.






             In the photographs above and below, CH-47D Chinook 89-00168 makes the landing to the deck of the USNS Dubuque.






             During the above operation B Company - "Sugar Bears North", 4th Battalion, 123rd Aviation Regiment was home based at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, and commanded by Major Lissa V. Young.



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