The Power of the "Hook"



             It is often difficult to describe the many varied reasons why certain individuals elect to join in military service to their country. Life in the United States Army can be arduous and demanding. It is a lifestyle in which much, often beyond comprehension, is asked. Rewards, for the most part, can be no more than a feeling of have done a good days job, all the while finding yourself sleeping alone in a cold, dark, dreary foreign land with no more to eat than a 5 year old dried out MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat), and the fleeting memory of your wife and kids. Why a handful of select individuals would desire this life time pursuit is inexplicable. However, the following photograph may shed some light.



             If anybody should ever ask you boys what you're fighting for:

In-flight refueling is only one of the attractions of entering the CH-47 Special Operations unit.



             Now Hold On ! If you folks think that the Special Operations community has the good life, take another close look at the photograph. Those poor guys can't even afford HMMMV's for their unit. They are forced to slug it out in rental vans. One van per five people. Disgusting. And look at that forward pylon - there is a huge chip in the paint above the pilots seat. See they can't even afford a hangar to park their birds in. And then there is that foreign object damage all over the in-flight refueling probe. You may want to think twice before signing up to join this rag tag outfit...I'm here to tell ya!



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          The CH-47 - 40 years old and still circling the world.


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