Boeing build number B-006 was a prototype HC-1B helicopter. The U.S. Army never accepted B-006. The administrative strike date was 11 April 1975. Aircraft hours: Zero.

   The helicopter was not assigned a serial number. It was manufactured and used as a static test article for destructive testing and it was never intended that B-006 would fly.

   It was eventually tested to destruction.

   In 1962, airframe B-006 was delivered to the Static Test Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (AFB) near Dayton, Ohio.

   From the factory near Philadelphia, B-006 was loaded into a C-133 transport aircraft and flown to Dover, Delaware, for a crew change.

   Enroute, the C-133 windshield cracked.

   That night, Air Force Loadmasters moved it to another aircraft and the next morning the C-133 flew to Wright-Patterson AFB.

   At the lab, B-006 was encased in a superstructure of moveable steel beams controlled by hydraulic actuators. This arrangement allowed the simulation of loads experienced in flight.

   After the fatigue testing was completed, the airframe was loaded to full destruction to determine what the ultimate failure loads were on the primary structure.

   Last known location of B-006 was Wright-Patterson AFB.

   Aircraft status: Destroyed.



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