B Company - "Sugar Bears North" unit patch.
242 ASHC / B Company - "Sugar Bears North" D model fielding poster.
B Company - "Sugar Bears North" High Altitude Rescue Team (HART) patch.



Boeing CH-47D Chinook 87-00078 in Alaska.

             Chinook 87-00078, and five additional CH-47D's, brave the frigid arctic cold at Fort Wainwright, Alaska. This photograph was taken on 2 January 2001 at 1500 Alaska Local Time. Already the sun has gone down and the sky is filled with a strange blue glow. No filters were used to take or process this photograph. The outside air temperature at the time the photograph was taken was minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit, a rather warm day for this time of year.



             87-00078, Boeing D model kit number M3197, was a CH-47D helicopter. The U.S. Army acceptance date was 31 January 1988 at 3181.6 aircraft hours. As of 1 March 2013, 87-00078 had accumulated 4,674.4 D model hours and 7,848.2 total aircraft hours.

   87-00078 was a conversion from the original B model Chinook 67-18436.

   On 9 February 1987, 87-00078 was inducted into the D model program. The conversion was completed on 7 January 1988 at 3,173.8 aircraft hours. 87-00078 was test flown and accepted on 31 January 1988 at 3,181.6 aircraft hours.

   87-00078 was delivered to B Company, 70th Transportation Battalion, Mannheim, Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) (West Germany) on 2 February 1988, for reassignment to the 205th Assault Support Helicopter Company (ASHC) - "Geronimos", Finthen Army Airfield (FAA), Mainz-Finthen, FRG. 87-00078 was delivered to the 205th ASHC on 5 April 1988.

   On 19 November 1988, the 205th ASHC and the 295th ASHC - " Cyclones" performed a "Flag Swap". For its last day in existence, the 205th ASHC was located at Coleman Army Airfield, Coleman Barracks, Manheim, FRG. The 295th was then located at Finthen Army Airfield for its last 24 hours. The following day both units were deactivated and reformed.

   The 295th ASHC was redesignated B Company, 6th Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment. The maintenance portion of the 295th ASHC were split off into E Company, Task Force Griffin. Task force Griffin was later renamed Task Force Warrior.

   B Company consisted of the pilots, flight engineers, and crew chiefs. E Company consisted of the maintenance personnel.

   In September 1992, both B Company and E Company were deactivated. By the end of November 1992, Finthen Army Airfield was closed and control of its facilities was turned over to the German government.

   The 205th ASHC, located on its last day in Mannheim was redesignated D Company, 502nd Aviation Regiment.

   87-00078 while assigned to the "Geronimos" at Finthen AAF, participated in Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm from August 1990 through June 1991.

   In September 1992, 87-00078 was transferred to B Company, 70th Transportation Battalion for preparation for overseas shipment to Fort Hood, Texas where a Dyncorp team prepared the aircraft for delivery to Fort Meade, Maryland.

   On 29 March 1993, 87-00078 arrived at the Port of Beaumont, Texas for reassembly and transfer to Fort Meade at 3830.1 aircraft hours.

   On 19 August 1993, 87-00078 underwent a thorough cleaning and Special Technical Inspection and Repair (STIR) for operations conducted in Desert Storm and transferred to Aviation Support Facility #85 at Fort Meade.

   On 4 March 1997, 87-00078 was transferred to Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD), Corpus Christi, Texas for On Condition Maintenance (OCM). OCM was completed on 22 July 97.

   87-00078 was subsequently assigned to B Company - "Sugar Bears", 4th Battalion, 123rd Aviation Regiment, Fort Wainwright, Alaska.

   B Company was the former C Company, 228th Aviation Regiment. C Company was the former 242nd Assault Support Helicopter Company - " Muleskinners".

   When the 242nd ASHC relocated to Alaska and reformed post Vietnam, the unit name changed from "Muleskinners" to "Sugar Bears".

   Through at least 4 April 2001, 87-00078 was located at Fort Wainwright, Alaska.

   At some point, 87-00078 was transfered to Company B - "Delta Schooners", 1-126th Aviation Regiment, Army National Guard, located in Stockton, California.

   At some point, 87-00078 was deployed to Afghanistan in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

   As of 1 March 2013, the last known location of 87-00078 was in Afghanistan, assigned to the "Delta Schooners".

   Aircraft status: Flyable.



          This aircraft was piloted by:


          WO1 - CW2 / CW4 Mark S. Morgan, Maintenace Examiner, 1987 - 1992 / 2000 - 2003


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