Taiwan's CH-47SD and BV234LR


          Taiwan Orders Three CH-47SD Helicopters


             Washington, 30 April 1999 - The Republic of China is the latest customer to order the new CH-47SD Chinook heavy-lift helicopter, and three "Super D" Chinooks will arrive in Taiwan in 2002. The Republic of China recently approved and signed an initial letter of agreement (LOA) for procurement of three CH-47SD tandem rotor Chinooks, a material order for production of six additional Chinooks and related support services. The LOA is a final step in a foreign military sale (FMS) program, through which Boeing will manufacture CH-47SDs for the US Army, which delivers the aircraft to the Republic of China. The program contract should be completed and signed by the end of 1999. The FMS program will increase significantly the capabilities of Taiwan's heavy-lift helicopter fleet, which had consisted of three Boeing 234 Commercial Chinooks, flown by the Republic of China Army (ROCA) primarily for disaster relief, search and rescue and VIP transport. The CH-47SD provides several improvements that increase operational capability, including long-range fuel tanks with 2,068-gallon capacity, doubling the operational range of the earlier D-model; a fully integrated cockpit management system, with full-color digital display units and automated flight controls; Allied Signal T55-L-714A engines with full authority digital engine controls (FADEC), producing 4,075 maximum continuous shaft horsepower (3,039 kW), more than eight percent greater output than any CH-47D; and the longer "radar nose" that can accommodate radar antennas. The "Super D" can fly at a 54,000-lb. maximum gross weight at higher density altitudes than earlier model Chinook and cruise at 140 knots (250 km/hr) at 50,000-lb mission weight on a standard day. Vertical rate of climb will be 1,846 feet (563 meters) and ceiling 11,100 feet (3,383 meters), with a range of more than 650 nautical miles (1,208 km). This performance is available with a useful load of up to 27,686 lbs. The new Chinook will carry a three-person crew and standard seating for 37 passengers in the main cabin, although up to 55 troop seats can be installed. A variety of additional "plug-in" option kits are available to configure the Super D for operations on water or in snow, or several specialised missions such as search and rescue, fire-fighting and special operations.



          Taiwan's Helicopters Delivery Date Approaching


             Taipei, 18 September 2001: An official with the Republic of China Defense Ministry said Monday that nine American-made Chinook CH-47SD (Super D) helicopters on order by the ROC Army will be delivered next year.

             Army personnel have been dispatched to the United States for relevant training and to take delivery of the helicopters, he said, adding that all the machines will be delivered by the end of next year.

             The Chinook series of helicopters were developed by Boeing in the 1950s, with the CH-47SD being one of the latest models.

             The CH-47SD, manned by a three-man crew, is capable of carrying 55 military personnel or three armed military jeeps. They are equipped with a digital piloting system and long-range fuel tanks (containing 2,068 gallons of fuel).

             The helicopters will join the new-generation airborne brigade of the ROC Army to improve the army's airborne and rescue capability, according to the Defense Ministry official.

             Taiwan purchased a total of nine aircraft for their Army, tail numbers 7301 through 7309. The airframes are of all new construction and include a new style of former, which are all forged - to include the floor beams. The aircraft come complete with a full glass cockpit, coupled instrument and navigation systems, as well as the fat tanks mounted on the side that boost the usable fuel capacity considerably over standard Chinook models.



             In the March 2002 photographs below, parked on the Boeing ramp in Pennsylvania, is one of the CH-47SD "Chinook" helicopters that will soon be in service to the country of Taiwan:

Boeing's CH-47SD in Taiwan.


Boeing's CH-47SD in Taiwan.


Boeing's CH-47SD in Taiwan.



             In these July 2002 photographs below, Taiwan CH-47SD Chinook, tail number 7305, was practicing water landings near the Boeing facilities in Pennsylvania:

Taiwan CH-47SD Chinook 7305 conducting water landings.

Taiwan CH-47SD Chinook 7305 conducting water landings.



             Below is a photograph, taken in May 2002, of a Taiwan Super D being off-loaded from the ship at the port of Tainan, Taiwan:

Taiwan Super D being off-loaded from the ship at the port of Tainan, Taiwan.



          Taiwan Model 234 Chinook



Taiwan Asia Air 234.


             The 2002 photographs above and below, taken in Taiwan, are of one of the three Boeing model 234's operated by Air Asia in Taiwan. BV-234 NFA-801 was previously with the Republic of China Army (ROCA) as tail number 7202. All three Chinooks were formerly owned by the Taiwan Army until they purchased the nine CH-47SD's. The aircraft perform fire fighting, rescue and general cargo services within the country. Standing in the photograph above, from left to right, is CW5 Mark Schwerke, then assigned to the Directorate of Evaluation and Standardization (DES), Fort Rucker, Alabama; SFC Terry Oneal and SFC Ralph Wood, both assigned to the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), an agency of the Department of Defense (DOD), and serving at the Boeing Plant in Pennsylvania.


Taiwan Asia Air 234.


Taiwan Asia Air 234.


Interior view of Taiwan Air Asia model 234 Chinook.



             The 2002 photographs below show BV243LR tail number NFA-802 supporting the National Fire Service of Taiwan:








          The CH-47 - 40 years old and still circling the world.


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