Phasing a Bird



85-24339 undergoing phase maintenance - March 1998.
Flipper aircraft 85-24339 undergoing phase maintenance - March 1998.



              Every 200 flight hours, the helicopter is cycled through Phased Maintenance.  Most of the helicopter is disassembled and inspected for any defects or broken items.  Those items are repaired or replaced as necessary to return the aircraft to a safe and flyable status.



85-24339 in phase - April 1998.
Almost done (???), 85-24339 still in phase - April 98.



85-24339 in phase - May 1998.
Yep, Hang on Sir, we're almost there (85-24339 still in phase - May 1998).
Anybody seen that last bolt, where's my wrench?



85-24339 still in phase - June 1998.
Yea, we got it outside... Quick, close the hangar doors! (June 1998)



          The CH-47 - 40 years old and still circling the world.


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