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The former Bossman - Flipper 06

Major Peri A. Anest


             Commander of C Company, 159th Aviation Regiment - "Flippers", from November 97 to 9 July 99. Major Anest was selected for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel and made a permanent member of the Flipper Alumni. "Take care of your people, and the mission will naturally follow." Having been one of the finest commanders the Flippers have ever known, he went on to serve the 18th Aviation Brigade Commander as the S-3 for a short period before moving on to his new assignment in Brussels, Belgium.



William Fox - Test Pilot extraodinair


CW3 William Fox, Test Pilot


             Bill, formerly the Production Control Officer, was a really great test pilot and extremely skilled in the ways of the Chinook. His retirement from active duty is the Army's greatest loss.



One of the Worlds Finest Chinook Flight Engineers


Staff Sergeant Mike Mobley - Flight Engineer


             Mike was one of the definitive Flight Engineers that make flying so rewarding. His aircraft was always ready to go and maintained in an immaculate condition. One almost didn't want to fly 85-24336 while Mike crewed it, out of fear of breaking it or getting it dirty.



Over there, over there...


Sergeant Paul E. Mead, Flight Engineer


             Well respected for his outstanding abilities as a CH-47D helicopter Flight Engineer, Paul demonstrates that he is also uniquely capable of locating any Chinook anywhere on the flight line.  Additionally, he looks a lot like a former commander when the light hits him just right.  (See photo at top of page)



2 Fingers Fitz...


Staff Sergeant Fitz, Technical Inspector


             A great Technical Inspector and all around nice guy, "Fitz" (nobody knows his real name) is captured on film counting.  Having mastered the number two, he plans to move on and become a Aviation Warrant Officer, hoping to someday pilot the mighty Chinook.



2 guys and an engine


Two Guys and an Engine



3 guys and an engine


Three Guys and an Engine



Arm goes up, arm goes down, arm goes up, arm goes down...


Warrant Officer One Steve Russell


             Steve, who was once the Flippers only token Spot, was also known as our little ray of hope and sunshine in an otherwise dull world. He is seen here sort of demonstrating his superior ability to hand salute a senior officer, CW3 Fox. Steve served for a time as the Platoon Leader for the Allied Shops Platoon. Eventually, Mr. Fox taught him to walk on his own, sit up, roll over and bark like a dog.



September 98 - A Morning Formation


A Morning Formation - September 98.



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